Niccons Italy - chi siamo

Niccons Italy was established in 1998 fixing as main objectives the design and the implementation of components for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
The company has grown over the time along a road where human values and technology meet becoming harmony and efficiency.

The result of this combination is:
• the continuous improvement
• the innovation and creativity
• the honesty, fairness, integrity
• the customer satisfaction
• a cooperation based on respect and trust

Ideals are an extremely important part of a company, because they have the potential to strengthen the level of integration of
the individuals who are part of it, and to establish a trust ful relationship with the external environment.
Our goal and main interest is not only to give the customer a excellent service, but above all to transform our relationship with
the customer into a long lasting relationship based on trust and fairness.
Thanks to these aspects we managed to extend the range of internal production specializing in the following areas:


The production is actually based on various kind of processes:


Thanks to the production department and to the technicians who are part of it, we can create specific solutions adapt to each
customer demand.

Our products originate from an idea that is soon developed into a 3D technical drawing, which is the base for the successive
realization of the mold and for the choice of the most suitable material.

The customization can be done for every customer upon requirement.
Today information passes through graphics and images that allow presentation more simple and direct of the product.
Therefore the creation inside Niccons Italy of a Marketing Department seemed to us a strategic idea to help the
customer to find out the better solution in a shortest delay and to enter the market in a dynamic way.

The protection of the environment is one of the most important themes nowadays.
One of the highest values has not been mentioned yet because we think it deserves its own space.
We are trying to use products exceeding on our planet for the creation of our articles.
The SUMO Support is becoming a very important product, with a growing demand, but only a few know which is the material
they are made of.
The black rubber, which acts as an anti-vibration, is purchased by companies that recycle car tires, thus helping dispose of this

Being environmentally responsible is our duty today to have and to give a better life in a brighter future.

We address to all wholesalers and distributors in this branch.
The selection of our articles goes beyond the Italian borders covering all international areas and giving clients the best deals to
be competitive in the markets all around the world.
Our sales department is divided in to Italian and Export sales branches and both of them cooperate everyday with all the other
branches inside the company to look for new solutions and to shorten distances.

We take the opportunity of the publication of the new catalogue to thank all our customers and the people who cooperate with
us why they gave us the opportunity to become what we are.